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The creation of a new family is one of the most exciting events in a person's life, therefore it is necessary to approach the organization of a wedding ceremony with great responsibility. Everything should go perfectly, gracefully and memorably. That’s why when the long-awaited "yes" is already said - you should ask the advice of a wedding planner. Your celebration will be really unforgettable and magical, just the way you have dreamed it and exactly as you have always wanted it. Wedding Melody experts are ready to listen to your wishes and offer several ideas for you to choose.

When you plan a destination wedding, many questions arise immediately: how to organize the wedding ceremony and the reception; which wedding venue should I choose; how to choose my wedding dress. Our website offers some answers to your questions, useful recommendations and current news of wedding trends that will help you determine your wedding destination.

In Greece, traditional weddings are always colorful, funny and lush, but this does not mean that your wedding in Greece will necessarily be noisy, loud and with a huge number of guests. It can be held only in the circle of the people closer to you, and instead of a banquet, you could organize a small Greek-style party in a beautiful location.

Respectively, Cyprus, is one of the most romantic islands in the world! According to an ancient legend, it was at its banks that Aphrodite - the goddess of love and beauty - emerged from the sea. To hold a wedding ceremony on a sunny island is a blessing for a happy married life. And the magnificent views of Cyprus: picturesque seashore, ancient architecture, amazing fauna and flora - will be a wonderful addition to your ceremony.

Wedding Melody team of experts will give you useful tips and help you get acquainted with the traditions and peculiarities of a wedding in Greece and Cyprus, our customs, the most romantic and beautiful wedding venues and give prompt creative ideas for the ceremony. Greece and Cyprus are ideal for destination weddings, enveloped in an atmosphere of romance and mystery, Picturesque little towns, incredible beaches and crystal clear waters, will create the perfect scenery for your wedding. You and your guests will be amazed by the natural beauty.

Having years of experience in wedding planning, our team will arrange everything for you from the very beginning until the last day of your stay, providing you with a personal wedding coordinator. So, choose your personal favorite destination in Greece or Cyprus and let us make your fairy tale wedding come true.